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Reckless Driving
Many teenagers feel invincible when behind the wheel of a car.
This attitude combined with issues such as road rage, peer pressure, speeding, distracted driving, and impaired or drowsy driving can have devastating results. Numerous studies conducted over the last 30 years clearly demonstrate that teenagers do not have the necessary risk awareness skills for safe driving.

Legal Consequences
It is against the law to drive recklessly in the State of California. California Vehicle Code section 23103(a) says, "Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving." Willful implies intent or purpose, while wanton expresses a reckless disregard of consequences. In plain English, Vehicle Code 23103 makes it illegal to voluntarily drive a motor vehicle with an intentional or conscious disregard for the safety of persons or property.

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor and the potential consequences are immense. If you are convicted of reckless driving, you could face a maximum of 90 days in jail and a fine of $1000.00. It also counts as 2 points on your driving record and could have severe implications on your privilege to operate a motor vehicle. It would undoubtedly cause any person's insurance rates to skyrocket. A reckless driving conviction can also have a negative impact on a person's employment, especially if you drive for a living. Compare this to an average speeding ticket. The average violation for speeding is not a misdemeanor, but an infraction, which is not punishable by incarceration. Speeding is only 1 point on your driving record, which can often be erased by traffic school. None of this is true for reckless driving. Bad Driving Habits: Are You Guilty Of Them?
Situations where road users annoy each other with their bad driving habits are all too familiar. They range from mildly irritating, to extremely dangerous to other road users. Many of these habits are deemed as offenses under law. Here are some common bad driving habits.

Deliberately not giving way or stopping for pedestrians and school children.
Some drivers intentionally speed up to close a gap when they see another driver wanting to switch lanes, and many drivers fail to grant the right of way to pedestrians or school children while in a crosswalk, which can lead to tragic results.

Driving on shoulder lane of expressway.
The shoulder lane of an expressway is designated as an emergency lane, but many motorists use it during traffic jams to get ahead of other cars. This is very dangerous because there can be stationary vehicles on the shoulder lane.

Driving with high beams/fog lights.
High beams and fog lights are meant for low visibility driving situations, but many people drive with high beams and fog lights when it is unnecessary. This can lead to temporary blinding of other motorists.

Erratic driving while talking on mobile phone.
Making or receiving phone calls while driving, even while using a hands free kit, is distracting, and causes a driver to lose concentration of the road and surrounding areas.

Excessive use of horn.
One tap on the horn is enough for most situations but some drivers tend to press the horn continuously, which can be a nuisance to other people.

Failing to signal, or stop at a red light.
This is one of the most common complaints. Failure to indicate your intention is not only annoying to others, it can lead to crashes too. Failing to stop at a light or stopping and looking to see that no one is coming and then proceeding through a red light is very dangerous and is commonplace on our roads today. Stop and wait for the green light. You are playing Russian Roulette if you don’t. It will just be a matter of time before something terrible happens.

Not keeping in lane when turning.
This is another bad driving habit, which is not only irritating to other motorists but can also cause crashes.

Speeding endangers the driver, other motorists, pedestrians, and children in school zones or crosswalks. You don’t have enough time to react and stop when you speed. Speed limits are posted for good reason, for everyone’s safety. Please slow down.

One of the leading causes of crashes is tailgating. It is very dangerous as it reduces the amount of time a driver has to react to situations. As a responsible motorist, you can eliminate these bad driving habits and make driving in California a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Leave enough room between you and the car ahead of you to allow for the proper perception and reaction time regarding your stopping distance or any defensive actions you may need to make. A good rule of thumb is one car length for every 10 mph. Remember - "Courtesy Makes A Pleasant Journey".

Take control of your actions.

Many people do things on the road that others consider irritating. Some react, some don't. You may think that you are driving perfectly safely and the person in the lane next to you thinks you are a crazed maniac. Maybe you inadvertently cut him off and never realized it. The common denominators here are you and your car...so it's either:

a. the car
b. you
c. all of the above

Because we don’t know your driving habits, we elect not to guess at which might apply to you. Although we cannot control the actions of others, we all have control over our own decisions and behavior. We can all do our own part to ensure our own safety and the safety of others...be careful & drive defensively. It saves lives - maybe even your own or someone you love.

Life changing losses.

Hundreds of thousands of people are currently grieving because a family member or friend lost their life in a car accident that was a result of reckless behavior. If this hasn't happened to you personally, chances are that you know someone or you've read about someone who's life was forever altered because of their loss. We all hope that we can make it through each day without anything terrible happening and we should consider ourselves extremely fortunate when we can. The internet is sadly abundant with stories of this type of everyday, unneccesary loss of life. Please visit the links below to read how families are affected by reckless driving. Hopefully, it'll help you realize that the slightlest moment of inconsideration for others can have devasting results.

* Mallory Moreland France * Jason Curtis Ile * Alisha Kay Diehl * Ernie Rivas
* Heather R. Sandstrom * Mulsteff Family * Morgan Lee Pena * Tia Townsend

Some information on this page has been extracted from the following online resources:
Traffic Intersection Awareness and Teen Driving Foundation

Do you consider yourself a safe driver? What do you think of others that drive recklessly? What other bad driving habits are dangerous? Have you been involved in an accident due to reckless driving or know someone who has? Do you have any personal stories to share about reckless driving?
Discuss these questions and opinions in the Reckless Driving Forum

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