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While we strive to provide our visitors with good information on our website, we're aware that there are many more web sites available that may help you if you have any questions about teen challenges. We hope you find our Links and Resources library helpful with your search for information.

Our recommended links are categorized for ease of navigation. Please click on one of the links to go to that category of links.
Information and facts about theTeen Challenges listed in our Online Education and Participation Programs.
Street Racing
Unlicensed Driving
Reckless Driving
Drinking and Driving
Drugs and Alcohol
Unprotected Sex
Peer Pressure & Bullying
Rebellious Urges
Sneaking Out of the House
Trying to Fit In
Hanging Out with the “Wrong Crowd”
Imitating Extreme Sports or Stunts
Internet Predators

Links to personal websites of victims
of reckless behavior
Victims of Street Racing

Victims of Drunk Drivers

Victims of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Victims of Internet Predators
Articles and websites relating to giving
kids, teens and parents advice.

Links to personal websites of victims
of reckless behavior

Grieving & Counseling

California Laws & Statistics

Websites that provide informaiton on
how to make safe decisions and choices
Safe Driving

Say No To Drugs & Alcohol

Don't Drink & Drive

Safe Internet Surfing

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